Seagull Milk Non-Slip Sunscreen (SPF50+) – 100g


Seagull Milk is a premium Australian made sunscreen specifically formulated to provide the highest quality broad spectrum protection for you and your loved ones. This sunscreen will smell amazing on your skin, won’t leave it slippery after application, won’t sting the eyes (based off our customers experience) and most importantly contains no hidden nasties… made just the way we think sunscreen should be!

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No Nasty Chemicals

Common chemicals in sunscreen have been found to harm coral reefs and cause hormone disruption to people. Seagull Milk doesn’t use any of them 🙂

Maximum Sun Protection

Many Suncare products are SPF30 and only protect against one form of the suns rays (UVB). Seagull Milk is SPF50+ and protects against both UVA & UVB

Suitable For The Whole Family

Many people have very sensitive skin and can often react to regular sunscreen. Seagull Milk is suitable for all skin sensitivities.


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